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Electroair Mechanical Service is a proudly Australian-owned and operated company based in Kilsyth, Victoria. Established in 1998, we originally worked in the acoustic field, providing louvers, soundproofing, sound dampening and acoustic products for internal and external use. We have since expanded to include the ability to fabricate custom-made sheet metal, stainless steel products,perforated metal sheets as well as continuing to be a leader in the acoustic services industry.

Electroair Mechanical Service focuses on providing exceptional customer service, exceptional product and exceptional quality every time. Our quote process is obligation free, there is no minimum job and we are always able to discuss anything a client may be unsure of. We've worked hard to earn a reputation as an honest and fair producer in the mechanical services, steel and acoustic industry and it is very important to our business that we uphold our service and quality standards.

Our Past Clients

  • The Age newspaper
  • Royal Children's Hospital
  • Olivia Newton John Centre
  • 'The Quays' apartments
  • New Melbourne Food Market
  • HM Prison Barwon
  • University of Melbourne Neuroscience Institute
  • Singapore Performing Arts Centre
  • University of New York, USA


Electroair Mechanical Service originally began producing acoustic louvers, doors, mufflers, plant equipment covers, silencers and more. There are environmental requirements enforcing the legal level of noise a specific unit is allowed to produce. These include air conditioning units, generators, ventilation systems, extractor fans, coolrooms and many other everyday items. Through careful use of specifically designed products such as automated acoustic louvers and exterior unit shells, Electroair Mechanical Service can provide dampening of a units noise to well below EPA limits while providing enough air and access to keep the unit in full working order. Our acoustic louvers and other products can be coated and coloured to match the look of any building.

Some of our acoustic projects include

  • The Age - Acoustic louvers for the newspaper printing factory
  • Royal Children's Hospital - Acoustic silencers and louvers as well as a general upgrade of existing acoustic products
  • Melbourne Food Market - Acoustic banner walls
  • Woolworth's Supermarket - Acoustic louvre barrier wall and general refurbishment of Collingwood location
  • Melbourne Neuroscience Institute - General acoustic fitout including louvers and doors
  • Singapore Performing Arts Centre (Singapore) - Complete acoustic fitout
  • University of New York (USA) - Acoustic products


As a leading steel fabricator, we like to keep the product we fabricate as strong and reliable as our reputation in the business. Some of the products we produce regularly are

  • Tradesman's toolboxes
  • Pool fencing
  • Structural steelworks
  • Acoustic-grade perforated metal sheets
  • Roof access ladders
  • Custom-made Signage
  • Air conditioning and plant equipment platforms
  • Shopping trolley bays
  • Security grills and doors
  • Acoustic mufflers

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a very popular product in today's world. It is durable, easy to clean, and has a look that is unlike any other. We provide a variety of stainless steel benches, splashbacks, bread racks and complete kitchen fitouts for domestic and commercial use. We also provide custom-built stainless steel services such as ventilation ducting, bakery accessories, balustrades and handrails.

Sheet Metal

We are proud to have expanded into the steel fabrication and mechanical services industries with such success. This is due to the collective knowledge of our dedicated staff, as well as our belief that to get the job done right you need the most up-to-date tools and software. We frequently use our computer numerically controlled turret punch, and Wilson's Wheel hardware to produce high quality metal products such as perforated metal sheets. We have production tolerances as low as 0.5mm and a quality assurance program that is second to none. We encourage our clients to inspect their product before pickup or delivery to make sure it is perfectly suited to their requirements. Like our other steel products, we use this machinery to make products for our other services, so you can be sure we take the utmost pride in our work. Some of our more popular products include

  • Custom-built toolboxes
  • Truck and utility vehicle customisation
  • Exposed stainless steel air conditioning ducts
  • Stainless Steel bakery equipment
  • Stainless steel sheet metal benches
  • Stainless steel sheet metal splashbacks and kitchen fittings
  • Acoustic louvers
  • Perforated balustrade metal sheets
  • Perforated acoustic sheets
  • Perforated metal privacy sheets


Electroair Mechanical Service provides maintenance and repairs to Eastland and Chirnside shopping centres as well as others. While many steel products are built tough, there comes a time when maintenance from vandalism, accidents and long-term heavy duty make repairs essential. We can provide tradesmen at your location to repair any steel or acoustic related issue.

Delivery Service

Electroair Mechanical Service offers delivery of all products regardless of size. Once production and quality testing is complete, we invite our clients to visit our factory to personally inspect their product before our technicians deliver, install and test the product on site.

For more information on our acoustic, stainless steel, sheet metal or other fabrication services please feel free to call us on 03 9761 6404 or contact us online.


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