Timber Roof Truss

Electroair Mechanical Service and Hitech Trusses and Wallframes have joined forces to become the only Melbourne based Steel / Timber housing manufacturer supplying you with Floor Trusses, Pre-Fabricated wall frames , Roof Trusses and structural steel works to make your housing project easier one phone call and all these items are co-ordinated and scheduled to have a flow effect on your building site saving you time and money

Whether you are involved in the construction business, working as an architect, building, or renovating your own property, Electroair Mechanical Service can help make your projects valuable and aesthetically appealing by constructing the best-looking and highly functional housing products

What is a Timber Roof Truss?

A timber roof truss is a wooden structure built to cover home they also provide support to the roof of the building as well. It mostly comprises of triangular trusses connected together by using Mitek fasteners, these roof trusses are an integral part of any house as they lock the walls into place, provide a roof over the house , and carry a lot of the house services i.e. Electrical , Heating & Cooling , insulation, Plumbing

Most roof trusses are similar but never the same as every home is of different size & shape Hitech Trusses & Wallframes constructs a high quality timber roof truss that are engineered to support your roof whilst using the very best software and fasteners available
You the customer can be assured that Hitech Trusses and Wallframes manufacture to Australian standards and regulations and will not compromise our services

Why Get a Timber Roof Truss?

A timber roof truss is by far the most economical way to place a roof over any housing project coupled with Hitech Trusses & Wallframes experience, software, Fasteners and Australia’s own machine graded radiata pine and you have the best Roof Truss money can buy

Prefabricated Timber Walls

Hitech Trusses & Wallframes also holds expertise in providing prefabricated timber walls for domestic as well as commercial uses. Prefabricated timber walls are ideal for internal as well as external usage. And are the quickest way to stand your next building project?

Our expertise in prefabricated timber walls are fantastic for you the customer, they eliminate manufacturing walls on site, can be manufactured whether it’s raining or 45 Deg outside, and can be scheduled to be delivered after ordering your Posi Trusses or steel from us

Hitech Trusses & Wallframes ensures design and engineering proficiency while building prefabricated timber walls and timber roof truss or posis trusses for our clients in Melbourne. We can offer design and manufacturing consultancy, in case you are unsure of the specifications and measurements that will suit your project.

Make sure to browse through our range online and contact us with your queries and order placements. We would be happy to provide you a free non-obligatory quote so you can make an informed decision! So give us a call today at Hitech Trusses & Wallframes on
Ph 039706 6876 or sales@hitechtrusses.com.au

Prefabricated Posis Trusses
Hitech trusses are one of the industry leaders in manufacturing Posi Trusses, using the latest designs in software as well as fasteners, These Posi Trusses are engineered using Mitek software and some of Victoria best designers available to you.
Using Australia’s own machine graded radiata pine and Mitek fasteners your flooring posis are now the very best in Australia money can buy.Please visit our website at hitechtrusses.com.au